Mountain Biking = Church?

// As a mountain biker I get this. I really do. Epic scenery. Adrenalin pumping through your veins. Mates hollering down the trail. It’s the kind of video that makes me want to go grab some buddies, my bike and drag the sorry lot of us out onto the hills. I love Southampton; I really do. But it doesn’t quite compare to the hills of North Carolina…

It did make me think though.

The brief picture painted of “church” I get, despite the word painting lots of different pictures in people’s minds (and sadly, but understandably, not all good). A band-of-brothers united by the same mission I understand. But community isn’t simply the same as friendship. Community, not some fake people-in-the-same-room-together thing, but true community is of the laying-down-our-lives-for-each-other flavour.

I realise the video wasn’t intended as a theological treatise, but, whatever way you view it, one big thing is missing from the picture of church painted. Or rather, one big person.


‘Church’ without Jesus? Well, it’s just not really church. In fact, ‘church’ without Jesus is simply religion.


What do you think?

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