Having lunch with the neighbours

// Loving a neighbourhood can be hard at times. Burglaries, sheds being broken into, noise, anti-social behaviour, litter and more can make just living in some neighbourhoods tough, let alone loving a neighbourhood. And yet, for me, Jesus modelled the way to live. The Bible puts it this way, describing the grand, cosmic event when God rolled up his sleeves, got mucky and became a baby boy:

The Word [Jesus] became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood.
John 1:14 (The Message)

I love that, love it! It’s an idea that has changed my life forever and continues to change the lives of the Mosaic community we are part of. For Steph and I, it’s also caused a love revolution in us that has shown itself by a growing love for the neighbourhood that we are part of, warts and all, and a desire to be part of bringing change, little by little, to it.

Last year, Mosaic hosted a Big Lunch in our back garden, that I blogged about, and to sow the seeds of an idea with our neighbours about having a full-on Big Jubilee Lunch street party for our road this year. If you’ve never heard of the Big Lunch I said this about it:

The idea behind the Big Lunch is a simple one: encourage your local community to have lunch together one Sunday. It could be a full-on ‘street-party’ affair or a smaller, simpler one, like a picnic in a park. Whatever it looks like, the aim is simply to bring communities together: and it’s that, ‘community’, that is so often lacking in neighbourhoods, at least in our road.

And so, last weekend, we ‘got busy’ with our neighbours, brought a little bit of change to the street and had some fun! Continue reading