Coffeehouses as social media? Pubs as sacred space?

// Just come across this great piece by Keith Anderson called ‘The digital cathedral: Coffeehouses as social media? Pubs as sacred space?‘. Well worth a read about an elixir close to my heart!

HT to @time2morph


Six simple ways to be missional

// Tim Chester has just posted over at The Resurgence six great, and simple, suggestions for mission rhythms in our lives. I’ve pasted the headings below and would encourage you to follow the link for further, brief, explanations.

6 Simple Ways

  1. Eat with other people
  2. Work in public places
  3. Be a regular
  4. Leave the house in the evenings
  5. Serve your neighbours
  6. Share your passion

Do you have any other simple tips & rhythms to recommend?


Neighbourhood longevity

// I came across this great clip from an interview with Mike Frost answering the question “Who is the greatest?” In it there are some real gems about long-term relationships in neighbourhoods and the part Jesus’ followers should be playing in that. One of my hopes and dreams for Mosaic is that we imbibe this dynamic and serve 18-30s in Southampton over the long-term. Hit and run isn’t on God’s agenda; neither should it be on ours.

Connected with this Exilio have been musing how to get on board and encourage theBigLunch initiative in our local communities. The basic idea is to encourage local communities to get together for lunch on one Sunday in June in order to help rebuild that lost sense of community many urban regions of the UK face. It’s a fantastic idea and something many people in our street would be up for so I’ll keep you posted if it develops. Why not get stuck in with theBigLunch in your locality?

Third Place Communities

// Where do you enjoy hanging out? What are the places you visit to relax, unwind, spend time with friends, and have fun outside of your home or work settings? Chances are they’ll be places like gyms, pubs, clubs, restaurants or sporting venues and activities. Sociologist Roy Oldenburg called those places ‘Third Places’; places other than home (first) or work (second) settings. They are places of belonging where people let their guard down and are more willing to talk about the big questions of life, letting their friends see the ‘real’ them. Understanding the role of ‘third places’ in people’s lives is key to any mission endeavour that wishes to engage with our culture.

Instead of me waffling the excellent Mike Frost does a much better job in this extract from his book Exiles which unpacks some of the missional implications: Continue reading