Look Up

// HT: Tim Chester

Give people your love instead of your ‘like’

A brilliant commentary on the challenges social media creates when trying to develop real, authentic community.


Great Men

// This coming Sunday is a national celebration of Fatherhood here in the UK; Father’s Day. In the run up, gift ideas and advice on what makes a good Dad is flooding our culture and media. In the midst of the bombardment, the following wisdom to fathers came into my inbox.

You are rich when you’re content with a life full of things that money can’t buy.

Read it again.


It’s a provocative statement.

You are rich when you’re content with a life full of things that money can’t buy.

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Church: Like it or Love it?

There is a difference between liking the church and loving the church the way Jesus commands us to. To be sure, we do not like gatherings of strangers who never meet or know each other outside of Sundays, who sit passively while virtual strangers preach and lead singing, who put up with second rate pseudo-community under the guise of connection with each other, who live different lives from Monday to Saturday than they do on Sunday, whose sole expression of worship is pop-style praise and worship, who rarely laugh together, fight injustice together, eat together, pray together, raise each others’ children together, serve the poor together, or share Jesus with those who have not yet been set free. We do not like the church if it’s a fractured organization with hundreds of competing creeds, names and doctrines, teaching a multitude of contradictory beliefs and insisting on compliance with a raft of recently invented traditions. But if it’s a family of Jesus followers striving, no matter how inadequately, to be Christlike, holistic, peace-loving, worshipful, devoted, graced, holy, and healthy, then we will love it with every ounce of physical and emotional strength we have.

Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch, reJesus

Time for a theme change

// And voilà! Let me introduce you to the geometric loveliness that is Hexa.

Simple. Clean. Elegant. Geometric.

A fabulous colour palette.

Much better for mobile devices.

Lots of things I love; so a big HT to the team at Automatic.


He Is Here Spoken Word

// Just had one of those “moment’s”: a brief encounter when God rushes into the ordinariness of life. For me, it was being side-swiped whilst at work wrestling with an Excel spreadsheet and hearing the track below for the first time. It features Amena Brown’s awe-inspiring spoken word “He Is Here”.

I am shaken and dumbstruck.

Listen on your knees.


Coffeehouses as social media? Pubs as sacred space?

// Just come across this great piece by Keith Anderson called ‘The digital cathedral: Coffeehouses as social media? Pubs as sacred space?‘. Well worth a read about an elixir close to my heart!

HT to @time2morph


What does day-to-day life look like?

// The Exilio community had an evening of sharing vision and prayer at the weekend and as part of sharing where Mosaic is at and what it’s up to I showed the video below. At the risk of sounding like a one-trick pony, the awesome Jeff V of Soma unpacks what day-to-day life looks like for his missional community, a lot of which is aspirational to myself and the Mosaic community. Enjoy!