Time for a theme change

// And voilà! Let me introduce you to the geometric loveliness that is Hexa.

Simple. Clean. Elegant. Geometric.

A fabulous colour palette.

Much better for mobile devices.

Lots of things I love; so a big HT to the team at Automatic.

Why WordPress.com?

// With all the options out there, why WordPress then? Because it’s simple, very easy to use, has some fabulous themes, includes the ability to use Typekit fonts and has a great little iPhone app to top it all off! For the font lovers out there I’ve used Museo Sans by exljbris as I wanted something that complements Helvetica Neue in the header.

Let me know what you think and any hints/tips are appreciated!

Deep breath…

// Well. Here we are. Probably 10 years too late, but a start none the less. Starting a blog still feels a bit pretentious. However, it also seems like a good way of keeping my sanity as I can get my thoughts out, and for the other 2 people in the world like me who only discover what they actually think about something when they write it down or talk about it, that’s gotta be a good thing! So… there’s no turning back now. I think I need a lie down…