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// Lent is a fantastic period and an opportunity to give as much emphasis to Easter as the big deal we make of Christmas here in the West. A season of preparation. A season of sacrifice. A season of reassessment.

Lent officially begins next week but in preparation of it I’ve put together 7 bookmark style cards for Mosaic, one for each week leading up until just before Easter. They are intended as a tool to help reflect on the part we are playing in God’s great plan for the Earth (a big thanks to the lovely Judy C for the laminating and cutting! ). If it’s helpful, just click on the image above for a bigger version.

However, I can’t claim any originality as I’ve unashamedly used, chopped and ‘Mosaic-ed’ the 7 promises from the excellent CMS resource 40 Days of Yes, so thankyou CMS.┬áBy the way, 40 Days of Yes makes an excellent lent resource for your personal lent journey so check it out.

I’ll post the other six bookmarks here each week leading up to Easter incase they’re of any help to you too. Let me know what you think…