Six simple ways to be missional

// Tim Chester has just posted over at The Resurgence six great, and simple, suggestions for mission rhythms in our lives. I’ve pasted the headings below and would encourage you to follow the link for further, brief, explanations.

6 Simple Ways

  1. Eat with other people
  2. Work in public places
  3. Be a regular
  4. Leave the house in the evenings
  5. Serve your neighbours
  6. Share your passion

Do you have any other simple tips & rhythms to recommend?

It feels like having a new toothbrush…

// Christmas. It feels like a long time ago doesn’t it? In our household, however, we have a daily reminder of the present laden festivities, in the form of a new toothbrush. I’m not talking any old Tesco value addition to the household. Oh no. I’m talking about a pulsating technological revolution in the shape of an Oral-B Professional Care 3000  no less! The question, I hear you say though, is ‘Does it clean your teeth better?’  To which my teeth and gums reply ‘Yes! Without a doubt!’

However, adjusting to a new toothbrush has not been an easy ride and has taken some time for the household to be convinced of it’s merits. Steph, my lovely wife, really didn’t like it at first, opting instead to alternate between the new and the old, unconvinced it was doing any good. Out the window has gone my old brushing technique. Gums have had to adjust to a more thorough job being performed on them. Watching what I’m up to is now part and parcel of the brushing experience to ensure consistent cleaning, instead of daydreaming about anything and everything. And so on…

‘But why tell us that?’ you may rightly ask. Continue reading


I Am Second

// Came across this and I was captivated. Brian Welch, ex-Korn guitarist, is a changed man. Hear his story below

Check out I Am Second for more stories of transformation…