A Creation Liturgy

// Mosaic have wanted to have a weekend away together for a while now and a couple of weekends ago we finally managed to do so by camping together in the beautiful Hampshire countryside. And yes, the weather was on our side!

As part of our time together we headed into the woods on Sunday morning to engage in a “Creation Liturgy” I had pulled together, which I thought I would post here in case it’s of help to anyone. I can’t claim any originality as I drew from a couple of fantastic Proost resources heavily. Maybe the only claim I can make is to the “original” way I drew the bits together! Children and adults alike seemed to respond to it though.

Wish I’d taken some pictures though!

Anyway, here it is. Parts in bold are spoken together.

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New start

// New Year is a funny time of year. Simultaneous post holiday blues alongside a determination to bring ‘newness’ into life for some. One of the resources Mosaic used to kick off the year and capture a passion to change ourselves and the others around us was this bold and slightly scary prayer. Despite the older style and cumbersome language it contains some real dynamite. However, it’s a prayer that really needs some kind of “Health Warning” as God may well just follow through if you mean it..